Olive saplings produced from scion and the other saplings produced from wild saplings grafted. For Gemlik (Trilye) Olive saplings, first saplings are buried to gain full-growns. After gaining these full-growns, the process goes on through eye vaccine to breedings gaining from Gemlik Olive trees. Its sale is done with the name of Certified Gemlik Olive Trees.

Scion rooting proportion of Gemlik Olive is relatively high ( it can be up to 80-95%) and its avarage is about 55-60%. It is known as Trilye trees in some regions. Gemlik seedlings are usually buncy and small-medium in size. It has normal branching. Its body colour is dark grey (livid). Its leaves are grey and blended towards bottom and small in size.


Gemlik Olive Fruit Features

Full-mature fruit is dark black and shiny (vivid). It is round and sober. It is produced in Gemlik type or for breakfast. Except som efor breakfast, the rest of the olives are used for their oil because of their high oil content. Its oil content is 25-30%. Its seeds are usually medium size,oval and polishing and they can seperate from the meat easily. Its seeds are usually rough.

Geographical Plantation Areas

Its plantation is common in Turkey. It is grown especially in Gemlik-Bursa, Tekirdag, , Zonguldak, Sinop, Samsun, Trabzon, Balıkesir, Izmir, Antalya, Manisa, Aydın and recently it has been grown in Greece, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


Ayvalık Olive Fruit Features

Olive sapling is produced by grafting method or steel method on wild seedlings used in olive sapling production. The structure of Ayvalık olives is golden yellow in color, containing fruit odor, and ranks first in terms of aromatic, chemical and sensory properties. It is evaluated as Boot Olive type when its color turns pink, it is harvested in the black maturity period and evaluated as Black Table Saddle type. You can see olive saplings and other sapling varieties on our website.


Edremit Olive Fruit Features

Grafted Edremit Olive sapling of Anatolian origin is medium in size in terms of fruit size. The pleasant and interesting smell of this sapling variety, which has a high oil content of 24%, is another positive feature. In this respect, this high-quality sapling variety becomes an easy-to-use sapling with its high resistance to cold. The most common type of use as a type of use is to use it as oil. This 100% natural product is available on our website.

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